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Praise Report:

We praise and thank the Lord for this recent writing award. 3rd place at Southern Christian Writers Conference (SCWC) 2022 Article for a Magazine, Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family, April 2022.

The Empty Tomb and Resurrection Power: A Holy Land Experience

Spring 2022

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We hope and pray that you are doing well. Although it has only been about three months since our last update, much has happened during that time.

Global Mission Conference

The past couple of months have been particularly busy but gratifying for us as we assisted in conducting a mission training event at our home church and participated in three Global Impact Mission Conferences at supporting churches in Alabama and Georgia. Each of these mission conferences focused on the need to share Christ in our local communities and around the world as Jesus commanded us:

“But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8 NKJV)

It was great seeing old friends, making new ones, hearing about what God is doing through these churches, and having the opportunity to share about our ministry with FEBC. In other ministry news, David has continued to work with our staff in Cambodia on the new tower project.  The tower has now been ordered, and the engineering design for the foundation is underway.  Please pray for the project to proceed in a smooth and timely manner.  David is also continuing to provide remote technical support for FEBC’s shortwave transmitters in the Philippines.  These transmitters are essential in making the Gospel available to 43 ethnic language groups located throughout Southeast Asia.  Many people in these regions have no other way to hear the message of salvation through Jesus Christ.  Please pray for these transmitters to continue to function well.

FEBC Philippines Shortwave Transmitter Site

FEBC UKRAINE As you can imagine, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused much turmoil for our ministry in that country.  Before the conflict, FEBC operated seven radio stations.  As of March 16, five are still on the air, but two have been destroyed by rockets.  The new ministry center in Kyiv has been evacuated, and a new temporary headquarters has been set up in the western city of Chernivtsi.  Most of our staff have fled to the western part of the country where conditions are somewhat safer.  All our staff is currently safe, but there have been some close calls.  One staff member’s apartment building was badly damaged, but through the Lord’s intervention, she escaped unharmed.  Another staff member suffered shrapnel wounds to his leg when his car was hit by gunfire.  After two minor surgeries, he is recovering well.  Vicki has been in frequent contact with one of the workers, who continues to offer words of encouragement to our listeners via radio and social media.  Our on-air counselors are fielding calls from listeners and praying for them and their families

Many are coming to faith in Christ.  One of our staff members said, “There are currently no atheists in Ukraine.”  Please pray that the Lord will use this time to draw many unto Himself.  Also, please pray for the safety of our staff and facilities, and that this war will end soon.  Frequent updates are being posted at and on the FEBC Eurasia Facebook page.


“God is so good to me, by listening to the program on the shortwave radio, I heard about salvation for sinners and the power of Almighty God…After that, I decided to believe in Jesus and learn His word every day. When I decided to follow Christ, my family was against it, but I remained strong with my decision. God chose me to become a pastor to serve the Church in my community to spread the gospel. Praise the Lord, my whole family accepted Jesus Christ as their savior.”(Listener from Cambodia)

“Having learned the lessons from your Bible Correspondence Course, it made me realize and understand that Jesus took the punishment in place of me. He made me free now. I believe and accept Jesus as my Savior with all my heart. Dear Jesus, I invite you to come and be imprinted in my heart and give me eternal life. Lord with your help, I will live for you. Thank God for the salvation of my soul.” – Listener in a Thailand prison

“I live with my daughter in Nalaikh city. I am a single mother. Several years ago, my husband passed away. Your radio program in Kazakh language changed my life and my character. Before I had no radio, but then someone gave me a Galcom radio. I started to listen to the Kazakh language program, and that is when I heard about Jesus Christ. I then understood that I had to make a decision to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior. I cried out to God and told Him that I wanted to receive Him as my Lord. Then I decided to attend a local Christian church with my teenage daughter. Now, I often find myself weeping tears of joy as I listen to your radio programs and the beautiful worship songs about Jesus – letting us know how much God loves us.”  (Listener in Mongolia)


  • Praise the Lord for the 148 million listener engagements and responses received last year from listeners around the world.
  • Please pray for the FEBC Cambodia tower project to proceed in a smooth and timely manner.
  • Please pray that many ethnic people will come to faith in Christ through our shortwave broadcasts from the Philippines.
  • Please pray for the Lord to protect our staff and facilities in Ukraine, and that our broadcasts will point many to the Savior during this time of turmoil.

In closing, we want to thank you for your partnership in proclaiming Christ to the unreached “until all have heard.”  We love and appreciate you!  May God bless you for your faithfulness as you partner with us in our radio/media ministry. 

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Christmas 2021

“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.” (Matthew 1:23 NKJV)

Season’s greetings, and Merry Christmas from the Creels! Hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving celebration and are enjoying this Advent season. As we reflect upon the past year, it brings us great comfort and joy remembering that God is with us in the person of Jesus Christ His Son! It is truly amazing that the Maker of the entire universe humbled Himself by being born in a stable, living among us, giving His life for our sins, rising from the dead, and promising to return for us someday. But our joy in this season is tempered by the fact that over 3 billion people have not yet heard the story of Jesus. We thank God for you, our partners, who are working together with us to proclaim Christ “until all have heard.”

Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) has been proclaiming the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ for over 75 years. FEBC broadcasts are heard in 141 languages and 50 countries around the world aired from 149 stations and transmitters, totaling 1,571 hours of programming a day/365 days a year. Over 4 billion people are within the coverage area of FEBC’s broadcasts. Last year alone, we received over 148 million listener engagements and responses to the Gospel.

This year also marks David’s 31st year of service with FEBC. Some highlights from the past year include:

* Assisting in the design and procurement of a new self-supporting tower for FEBC Cambodia

* Procuring obsolete and hard-to-find parts and transmission line insulators for the shortwave transmitters at FEBC Philippines

* Troubleshooting interference issues and procuring bandpass filters for FEBC radio stations in Cambodia and Malawi

* Ordering an audio processor circuit board and engineering test gear for FEBC Kyrgyzstan

* Conducting FM coverage studies for FEBC’s radio station in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In addition to assisting David in his ministry, Vicki continues to serve with an online evangelism ministry. We also recently completed our first book, “Jesus’ Call to His Harvest Field” in which Vicki shares her past mission experience in Asia and our present ministry with FEBC. We are excited to be able to share these stories with you. We pray for many to be inspired by our story to follow Jesus and His call to mission, “ pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” (Matthew 9:38 NKJV) You can find the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers.

Listener Letters

“I lost all hope while in jail. But then I tuned into your program and learned about the hope that only God can give when we are reconciled to Him. I had never heard anything like that. I was so happy! You prayed with me, and I began to trust God to take care of me.”   (Listener in Ukraine)

“The Covid-19 pandemic makes it difficult to go to church. With these current conditions, we’re very blessed by your programs. Thank you for your broadcasts that have meant so much to us and many others. (Listener in Indonesia)

“I live every day depending upon Jesus. I remain connected to Jesus through FEBC where I receive spiritual nourishment.” (Listener in Japan)

Praise & Prayer

* Praise the Lord for the tremendous increase in listener response. In 2020, FEBC received 800,000 more listener responses through emails, phone calls, texts, and letters than in 2019.

* Pray for wisdom in completing the self-supporting tower design and installation in Cambodia.

* Pray for wisdom in solving the interference issues in Malawi.

In closing, we would like to thank you once again for your prayers and financial support of our ministry. We are so blessed knowing that you are partnering with us in our radio/media ministry. Thank you! May God bless you in the Christmas season and throughout the New Year!

Merry Christmas!

Summer 2021 Prayer Letter

Welcome Autumn 2021

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