Third Day- Ulan Batar


Our first day to go out on the street after arriving the city, three days ago. We arrived Wednesday night, (Nov 7th, 2018) after a very long trip from Alabama, Atlanta, Seoul and Mongolia. I didn’t keep the number of hours, it was very long from Monday night flight to Wednesday night. Neither David nor I have been in this country before. Both our first time. We were relieved to meet by our FEBC Mongolia staff at the airport. Tomroo (photo in the red shirt), is the technician that David has been working with the past few months. Now they finally met face to face.

Day 2- Thursday, we were brought to the radio station, Wind FM 104.5 and met the staff. We hit the ground running and started our work right away. David met with the engineering team, and I met with the accounting team.

Day 3 -Friday- David shared his faith journey or testimony during the staff chapel.   We had a very good time of worship and fellowship. We felt the move of the Holy Spirit. I felt the Lord was saying, the Christians in Mongolia has a “pure devotion”.  We continued to work with the staff in the afternoon. And I also met with 5 workers  who are volunteering to do Children’s outreach for the staff. We had a good planning time.

We are thankful to the Lord that the weather is okay, it’s in the 20’s and 30s F, but bearable because it is sunny and not windy. Besides, when we are inside buildings it is usually very warm. Thankful for those who are praying for us. Grateful to the Lord for sustaining us.

2 thoughts on “Third Day- Ulan Batar

  1. Sounds like you are having a good trip so far. Continuing to pray for you. Nice to see the pictures.


  2. Love keeping up with this trip. Praying for you.


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